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good news, really bad news

hey, sorry for not writing so much, but ive been rather busy lately especially this past week. I've got good news and some bad news...

the well, interesting news is I am no longer single, believe it or not It's true. It's been about a week now. She asked me out to get this: comicon! It doesn't get much nerdier than that.What's funny is she's weirder than me. she lives in mira mesa but ya never knowyou might just see her around.

...and now for the bad news, you know the news that's always 2x worse than the good. Thursday afternoon Iwas pulled out of 6th period and taken to the nurses office this wouldn't be the first time the nurse has taken me out of classshe does it to talk to me and see if i'm doing all right but when I walked inside the office my dad was there, crying I've seen this only one time in my life so right then i knew something was horribly wrong he took me outside and told me that my Uncle bob had died suddenly of massive heart attack... now for you this guy may sound like the person you just see at thanksgiving and christmas but he was so much more he was the kept three churches a giant family and god together he was also the best musician i've met you want to know why I pursuing acting and singing his pushing me ofrward to do so.... and I loved him very much , everybody did... sorry for being emo but ihad to get it off my chest. and if you see me depressed or crying now you know why
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